India in the Margins

Pluralism is a core tenet of the Indian civilizational identity.  Long before any of the countries of South Asia existed as modern states, a stunning array of ethnic, linguistic, social and cultural diversity shaped the region’s politics, economics and society. Traditionally, the production of knowledge reflected this kaleidoscope — a variety of schools of thought, indigenous cultures of deliberation and thick (predominantly oral) networks of interconnected people and ideas characterized the intellectual landscape of this region.  

In the colonial and post-colonial era however, the forces of nationalism have smoothed these differences in the name of national unity.  Modern India has committed itself to minority protections, elimination of discrimination and inclusion, yet many important voices remain confined to the margins. 

In this very small effort on my personal webpage, I am seeking to play a small role in reviving the traditions of pluralism and create a spirit of open and respectful debate around the most important questions that this region faces today. I want to re-center voices that have been relegated to the peripheries by dominant political entities throughout history through to the modern day. 

I plan to add video, audio, and/or articles on issues in the days ahead.  Please check back often!


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