Resources for Covid-19

Great data:

Student Survey:

My colleagues at Georgetown together with a team of professors at several universities, have designed a brief online survey for students to share their stories and experiences – both positive and negative – with the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey effort was prompted by students themselves and is intended to help aggregate information in a simple and standard format. The survey can be accessed using this link: fill it out!

The Gendered Impact of Covid-19:

  1. The impact of Covid-19 on gender inequality
  2. The Lancet: The Gendered Impact of the Outbreak
  3. Policy responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic from the IMF
  4. Social protection responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic
  5. Gender and the Covid-19 Pandemic
  6. A kit for feminist quarantine
  7. Gender and Data Resources Related to Covid-19
  8. Playing the Long Game – How a Gender Lens Can Mitigate Harm Caused by Pandemics-Center for Global Development
  9. Ideas for a Pro-Poor and Pro-Women Approach to Covid-19 – Oxfam
  10. LGBTQ community may be ‘particularly vulnerable’ to coronavirus pandemic. Here’s why.
  11. Why This Economic Crisis Differs From the Last One for Women